Full Service Air Travel Companion

for a Senior You Love

Are you worried about your elderly parent traveling alone? Do you need to bring Mom or Dad closer to you but don’t have the time or skills to escort them yourself? Or perhaps a medical condition such as dementia has you worried that air travel would turn into a travel nightmare for both of you? Worse yet, you fear suffering the embarrassment of them not getting to the restroom on time.

We have good news: you don’t have to do this alone! Many Seniors want to see loved ones, but the mere thought of having to travel is too daunting, often downright frightening. Seniors who suffer from memory loss frequently fear (and do) get lost in vast airports, and can be  taken advantage of.   And, for many people, long-distance travel is just too impractical to allow their family or a friend to accompany them.


Who is our service best for?

Seniors who…..

♦   are elderly.
♦   have mobility needs or a medical condition such as dementia.
♦  are medically stable but need some level of personal assistance.
♦  feel comfortable about air travel, but would like an experienced and compassionate companion for an extra measure of safety and support.
♦  don’t have the energy to deal with all that’s required at the airport.

Adult Children…..

♦   whose schedule makes it difficult to accompany or pick up a family member or friend at a distant location.
♦   who need help coordinating the meeting of family and friends or relocating a family member to a second home or seasonal getaway.
♦   who don’t know where to look or what to do about getting a parents or relative to a specific destination.
♦   who need to move Mom or Dad from any city in the US to your hometown.


Let Air Travel Companion for Seniors make it

a Safe and Stress Free travel experience for you or your loved one!!